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by J. Van Bladel

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J. Van Bladel
CRC Press; 1 edition (June 1, 1985)
556 pages
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This definitive text and reference on electromagnetic fields hasbeen updated and expanded to twice its original content.

This definitive text and reference on electromagnetic fields hasbeen updated and expanded to twice its original content. Itincorporates the latest methods, theory, formulations, andapplications that relate to today's technologies.

The book is written for electrical engineers and applied physicists who have an interest in the general topic of ‘Maxwell’s equations’ and more particularly for those who are engaged in the actual solution of electromagnetic problems. The mathematical level of the text is that of the ‘applied’ mathematician.

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Electromagnetic fields. by. Van Bladel, Jean, 1922-. Electromagnetic theory. New York : McGraw-Hill. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Trent University Library Donation. Internet Archive Books.

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Professor Jean Van Bladel, an eminent researcher and educator in fundamental electromagnetic theory and its application in electrical engineering, has updated and expanded his definitive text and reference on electromagnetic fields to twice its original content. This new edition incorporates the latest methods, theory, formulations, and applications that relate to today's technologies. With an emphasis on basic principles and a focus on electromagnetic formulation and analysis, Electromagnetic Fields, Second Edition includes detailed discussions of electrostatic fields, potential theory, propagation in waveguides and unbounded space, scattering by obstacles, penetration through apertures, and field behavior at high and low frequencies.
  • Mr_KiLLaURa
I specialize in Electromagnetic Theory and have read many texts on this subject matter. There are many very good texts out there but nothing even compares with this one. I thought this would be a copy from various other excellent books by Collin, Jackson, Felsen, etc. but I was wrong. Prof. Bladel has written everything of his own originality. There is a spark of his originality in everything ranging from the quality of explanations, the choice of subject matter, the extreme mathematical depth involved and the choice of unsolved problems. In every way, this book alone can replace five to six other ordinary books.

In elecromagnetics, the biggest problem lies in understanding. The more you learn, the lesser you understand and the mathematics can be demoralizing. And also a vast portion of the literature is scattered throughout so many books. But Dr.Bladel has beautifully brought all that together under one roof and has presented the subject in a very theoretically fine manner doing complete justice to the mathematical intricacies.

This book is a MUST if you want to call yourself a specialist in electromagnetics. It is a tome and the epitome of all good EM books !!!!!!!!! It is the "Stratton" of the 21st century !!!!!!!
  • Naril
Very good reference, but very mathematically advanced and demanding. Has tons of material beyond any intro books.
Some of the material is not easy to learn for the first time from this book. But if you have had a different intro to it then this book will provide another layer of deeper and advanced insight.