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by Andrew Mansfield Rockett,Geoffrey C. Berresford

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Andrew Mansfield Rockett,Geoffrey C. Berresford
Houghton Mifflin College Div; Package edition (June 1996)
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This text for the one- or two-semester applied or business calculus course uses intriguing real-world applications to engage students' interest and show them the practical side of calculus. Many applications are financial or business related, but many applications in this text cover general-interest topics as well, including the growing population of Africa, the composition of the Supreme Court, water shortage, the fastest pitch in baseball, and pollution and the depletion of natural resources. php:544 Stack trace: tItem. php(448): ContentItem- isBook() s/books/details.

Dr. Berresford received his P. from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University and taught at the State University of New York at Purchase before joining the faculty at the . Post campus of Long Island University.

Besides co-authoring four textbooks with Dr. Rockett, he has published papers in differential equations, linear programming, logic, and probability, and has received several teaching awards and the Distinguished Service Award from The Metropolitan New York Section of the Mathematical Association of America.

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Books by Geoffrey C Geoffrey C Berresford Berresford with Solutions. Andrew Mansfield Rockett, Geoffrey C. Berresford, Andrew M. Rockett, Geoffrey C. (Geoffrey C. Berresford) Berresford. Geoffrey C. Berresford, Geoffrey C. Berresford) Berresford, Andrew M. Rockett, Andrew Mansfield Rockett. Andrew M.

Andrew M. Rockett Long Island University. This book is an introduction to calculus and its applications to the management, social, behavioral, and biomedical sciences, and other fields. Australia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, United States. The seven-chapter Brief Applied Calculus contains more than enough material for a one-semester course, and the eleven-chapter Applied Calculus contains additional chapters on trignometry, differential equations, sequences and series, and probability for a two-semester course.

Applied Calculus, Brief by Andrew M. Rockett and Geoffrey C. Berresford 2012 Ne. This book uses intriguing real-world applications to engage readers' interest and show them the practical side of calculus. Berresford 2012 New. 1,965. Its many applications are related to finance, business, and such general-interest topics as learning curves in airplane production, the age of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Apple and Oracle stock prices, the distance traveled by sports cars, lives saved by seat belts, and the cost of a congressional victory.

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It covers the Theory using everyday, real life scenarios. The color format also helps anyone with dyslexia and other disabilities stay on track, keep focus and lead with head's up learning.
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This is a fantastic book. Explanations are clear, and there are plenty of relevant word problems. Makes a difficult course easy if you're willing to put the time into it.