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Download Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail--Every Place, Every Time eBook

by Gerry Spence

Download Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail--Every Place, Every Time eBook
Gerry Spence
St. Martin's Griffin; First edition (November 28, 2006)
304 pages
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How to Argue and Win Every Time is more than just a book about argument; it's the outline on how to live. Spence's prose is pointedly sharp in essence and displays unself-consciously his own flamboyant personality. Rises above the herd in the conduct-of-life genre.

Spence's essentials include: Preparing the powerperson to accept your case Owning your feelings Being in the moment.

Here, Spence combines a rich exploration of truth, fairness, and emotional honesty with practical advice gleaned from a lifetime of hard-earned legal triumphs to show what makes a strong, persuasive presentation. Spence's essentials include: Preparing the powerperson to accept your case Owning your feelings Being in the moment

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Every Place, Every Time. St. Martin’s Press New York. If it’s time for you to present your cause to a power person, the decision maker, this book will show you how. Where I’M coming from. IT’S WAR OUT THERE-plain and simple war. In times past the species battled for their territory with axes and spears. The same genes are at work today.

Every reader’s biggest objection is that they simply don’t believe what you are pitching and promising. So you have to learn how to find new, unique and interesting proof elements. Anywa. his all leads to a book Gary recommended, which I thought would be great for an AWAI Great Books Club discussion.

I was expecting to read insightful thoughts about how to win my case. What I didn't expect was to read insightful thoughts about how to enjoy my life and how to improve myself. And all that with a really smooth writing style that you find enjoyable to read for many hours.

Gerry Spence is perhaps America's most renowned and successful trial lawyer, a man known for his deep convictions and his powerful courtroom presentations when he argues on behalf of ordinary people. Frequently pitted against teams of lawyers thrown against him by major corporate or government interests, he has never lost a criminal case and has not lost a civil jury trial since l969. In Win Your Case, Spence shares a lifetime of experience teaching you how to win in any arena-the courtroom, the boardroom, the sales call, the salary review, the town council meeting-every venue where a case is to be made against adversaries who oppose the justice you seek. Relying on the successful courtroom methods he has developed over more than half a century, Spence shows both lawyers and laypersons how you can win your cases as he takes you step by step through the elements of a trial-from jury selection, the opening statement, the presentation of witnesses, their cross-examinations, and finally to the closing argument itself. Spence teaches you how to prepare yourselves for these wars. Then he leads you through the new, cutting-edge methods he uses in discovering the story in which you form the evidence into a compelling narrative, discover the point of view of the decision maker, anticipate and answer the counterarguments, and finally conclude the case with a winning final argument. To make a winning presentation, you are taught to prepare the power-person (the jury, the judge, the boss, the customer, the board) to hear your case. You are shown that your emotions, and theirs, are the source of your winning. You learn the power of your own fear, of honesty and caring and, yes, of love. You are instructed on how to role-play through the use of the psychodramatic technique, to both discover and tell the story of the case, and, at last, to pull it all together into the winning final argument.Whether you are presenting your case to a judge, a jury, a boss, a committee, or a customer, Win Your Case is an indispensable guide to success in every walk of life, in and out of the courtroom.

  • Anarius
First, I was put off by the title of this book. I thought it might be more hot air from a sales guy with a few tricks up his sleeve. Worth ten to twenty minutes of flipping through chapter titles but not much else.

I am glad I didn't judge the book by its title. I could probably boil most of the message down to authenticity. Good speakers are authentic - they don't hide themselves or from themselves. This isn't so new (although a new context) but Spence does something interesting here while delivering the message of authenticity- he reminds you to speak to and connect with the power people, the decision makers. I would take a scared young woman trembling in fear but with true emotional connection in front of a jury than a slick prosecutor anytime, he tells us. He reminds us that law is an emotional discipline no matter how much we want to take emotion out of it. We lawyers are the chosen champions of a trial by contest. We stand the best chance of winning when we bring our feelings with us.

He reminds us that most of us decide with felling and bend our intellect to match it. If you know that, then you remember to connect first and foremost. And connection comes from authentic emotion. I'm glad I bought this book. I practice divorce law - an area many lawyers stay away from bc of the emotion in it, but that's a reason I love what I do (although stressful and exhausting as well).
  • Frosha
This is the absolute bible when it comes to psychology and persuasion. The chapters are so detailed that it really requires multiple readings and lots of note-taking to process the wisdom instilled but it is so worth it.

This isn't a book about civil procedure per se -- it's a book about everything else. Before your case, studying what jurors think, how to do a real focus group, extracting information and reading a room, lessons that can be used for depositions, and then of course trial practice.

The book is very honest about treating each other as humans and embracing what we have (or don't have) to create emotional connections that are lasting.
  • Bukelv
Gerry Spence is the kind of lawyer everyone wishes to represent them in court. He certainly could have saved my business when crooked bankers backed out on loan commitments and threw me to the wolves. I highly recommend this book to all who want to win their case, what ever it may be. I know you will learn a lot about seeking justice by getting the truth from witnesses and defeating the bullies using his methods of presenting your case. Tell your lawyer to read it!
  • BroWelm
This book should be required reading to graduate law school...perhaps in the final year, after you've had the humanity and compassion excised from your intellect. It reminded me that justice is not the result of brilliant analysis and cautious measurement in a sterile laboratory. It is about passion and compassion, courage overcoming fear, using professional skills, tactics, strategies and 'weapons' to protect the weak or less fortunate. Gerry Spence argues movingly -- as one might imagine he would -- for connection in a disconnected world. He pushes attorney readers to strive to connect with the jury, judge and even opposing counsel, with genuine emotion, conviction and hope. This book should guide you to winning far more cases.
  • Unereel
I bought this book yesterday and spent part of today today going through it. I have always loved Gerry Spence and followed him for years. You can't go wrong with his approach. He's very hardcore into using the emotional piece of your case to sell it to the jury. He includes lots of examples from his own cases so you can follow along. I can only thing of a few true American hero trial lawyers and he is one of them. I recommend this book highly.
  • Cha
Persuasion At Its Best
In a matter of fact, conversational style, Gerry Spence offers advice on how to win any disagreement using logic, rapport/relationship, and facts. No matter your life’s work, you can find helpful hints in this book to help with navigating/negotiating within an argument.
  • lubov
NOT JUST FOR LAWYERS, READ IT I LOVE IT, WAIT UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW MUCH PREP GOES IN TO A TRAIL NO WONDER HE DID NOT LOOSE! This also applies to EVERYDAY LIFE I have READ It now Every couple of years, and I started out unsure if I would like this guy, I think he is one of brightest BEST in WORLD I am not one for letting guilty ones go, BUT If there is a DOUBT Then you have TO ERA on the INNOCENT SIDE as it is only by the grace of god there go you or I
One of the most influential books I have ever read in my life. The chapter on Fear and Power, the reality of both of those experiences are invaluable. This is masterpiece for lawyers and for anyone going to court. It is my intention to forward a copy of this to all of my trial clients when I begin my professional practice.