by Michael Inwood

Michael Inwood
Blackwell Pub (December 1, 1992)
260 pages
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This book provides a comprehensive survey of Hegel's philosophical .

This book provides a comprehensive survey of Hegel's philosophical thought via a systematic exploration of over 100 key terms, from & to &. A Hegel Dictionary Michael Inwood THE BLACKWELL PHILOSOPHER DICTIONARIES <. Except in the United States of America, this book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the publisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition. being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

The fact is that this book is enormously erudite and Michael Inwood both has a profound understanding of Heidegger's work and an unusual ability to express that understanding clearly

The fact is that this book is enormously erudite and Michael Inwood both has a profound understanding of Heidegger's work and an unusual ability to express that understanding clearly.

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This book achieves what the Blackwell Philosopher Dictionary series sets out to do. It presents difficult ideas with scholarship and clarity. The Philosopher§§An exceptionally clear yet rigorous and scholarly presentation of difficult ideas. This will be an indispensible guide for students of Hegel at all levels. Raymond Plant, University of Southampton§ show more. One of the best reference books about a philosopher, highly recommended.

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Hegel is recorded as one of the greatest, but also one of the most difficult, philosophers. In this "Dictionary", Michael Inwood provides a complete survey of Hegel's thought through a series of alphabetically organized entries that explore his terminology. Hegel's innovative use of language, involving the influence of German etymology and his wide knowledge of the history of philosophy from its Greek origins, is a major aspect of his difficulty and obscurity. To enable the reader to understand Hegel's vocabulary, Inwood focuses on approximately 100 key terms from the "absolute" to the "will". The etymology and development of Hegel's terms are examined, together with their ordinary uses during his lifetime and previous applications to the terms in philosophy. German words, their English, Greek and Latin counterparts, are all discussed as a key to Hegel's use of the works and the doctrines he uses them to express. The books also contains a brief life and intellectual portrait of Hegel, a general account of the use of German as a philosophical language (and Hegel's particular application of it) and a bibliography.
  • Uleran
A dictionary should be an edited volume with multiple authors. That volume does not exist yet. Blackwell just published "A companion to Hegel" which is a masterpiece. They should employ those same editors and writers and compile a proper dictionary. "A COMPANION TO HEGEL" is the best volume on Hegel to date. Blackwell should follow that methodology and get a proper dictionary "out there".........
  • Gldasiy
Michael Inwood's "A Hegel Dictionary" is a great resource. As an undergrad it helped helped me navigate the dense fog of Hegel's philosophy and prose. Inwood sheds light on Hegel's odd usage of seemingly standard terms, such as "negation," which under Hegel's pen bears a divergent meaning.

I was, however, disappointed to find that throughout portions of the text Inwood offers definitions of words without indicating precisely what Hegel means by the word in context. I suppose the implication is that Hegel uses the term consistently, but since Hegel's usage is quite often so bastardized, I'm wary of such assumptions. What a struggling undergrad (or grad) student needs to know is what Hegel means, here, e.g., in "The Phenomenology". Blackwell's "A Kant Dictionary" is much more helpful in this regard: it unpacks the meaning of terms in light of the conext of use. But, you take what you can get. Last time I checked, Inwood's "A Hegel Dictionary" is the only thing of its kind on the market. Thus, I recommend it (at least until a better one comes out - perhaps a new edition?).