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by Nancy Shniderman

Download Ancient Governments (Reading Essentials in Social Studies) eBook
Nancy Shniderman
Politics & Government
Perfection Learning (January 1, 2004)
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Ancient Governments book. Ancient Governments (Reading Essentials in Social Studies). 0756945062 (ISBN13: 9780756945060).

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Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. an official who made sure that government workers did their jobs. something that is used as money. a farmer who works land owned by someone else.

4 A. (1) Principles and processes of government Ancient Governments Feudalism Monarchy Socialism and Communism Sate and Local Government Compare and contrast limited and unlimited Ancient Governments. national governments in the United States Economic Concepts and Principles 4. Knowledge of economic concepts (including productivity and the market system) and principles (including the laws of supply and demand) Sate and Local Government Sate and Local Government.

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book by Nancy Shniderman. Politics & Social Sciences Books. ISBN13: 9780756945060.

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Governments organized armies to protect the people and made laws to regulate their lives. Rulers and an upper class of priests, government officials, and warriors were at the top. Below this upper class was a large group of free people-farmers, artisans, and craftspeople. In the first civilizations, rulers led governments. These rulers were usually monarchs (kings or queens who rule a kingdom). All of the new civilizations developed religions to explain their world.

As civilizations developed, ways to organize these large groups of people became necessary. This led to ancient governments.