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by The late Tom Bottomore,Robert Nisbet

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The late Tom Bottomore,Robert Nisbet
Social Sciences
Heinemann Educational Publishers (May 21, 1979)
717 pages
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Bottomore was Secretary of the International Sociological Association from 1953 .

Bottomore was Secretary of the International Sociological Association from 1953 to 1959  . Bottomore was a member of the British Labour Party.

A history of sociological analysis. New York : Basic Books. by. Bottomore, T. 1920-1992; Nisbet, Robert A. Publication date. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Introduction, Tom Bottomore & Robert Nisbet - Sociological thought in the eighteenth century, Robert Bierstedt - Theories of progress, development, evolution, Kenneth Bock - Conservatism, Robert Nisbet - Marxism and sociology, Tom Bottomore - German sociology in the time of Max Weber, Julien Freund - Emile Durkheim, Edward A. Tiryakian - Positivism and its critics, Anthony Giddens.

All the major sociological thinkers from the late eighteenth century to the pres¬ ent are discussed in detail, the influence of their theories considered, and the sub¬ sequent criticisms of their work re¬ viewed.

Beginning with Enlightenment social philosophy, the essays by Bierstedt, Bock, Nisbet, and Bottomore proceed chronologically through theories of progress, conservatism, and Marxism, reducing complicated issues to paragraphs or less. Neo-conservative Nisbet, for example, claims Hegel for the conservatives, cites some literature to the contrary, reiterates his textually unsupported claim, and moves on.

Volume 10 Issue 1. Tom Bottomore and Robert Nisbet. Journal of Social Policy. Volume 10, Issue 1. January 1981, pp. 122-124. Tom Bottomore and Robert Nisbet (eds), A History of Sociological Analysis, Heinemann Educational Books, London, 1979. xvi + 717 pp. £1. 0, paper £. 0. C. G. A. Bryant (a1).

Tom Bottomore and Robert Nisbet â " outstanding authorities at opposite ends of the sociological spectrum â " have combined to produce this remarkable work covering the key themes of modern sociology. They range from Conservatism to Marxism, from functionalism to phenomenology, in a work hitherto unequalled for its comprehensiveness, depth and authority.

Print the sales sheet: American Journal of Sociology. On the Relation Between Sociology and Ethics. A History of Sociological Analysis. Tom Bottomore, Robert Nisbet.

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