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by Brian Craig Leiken

Download Crossed Out: City Tales (Volume 1) eBook
Brian Craig Leiken
Schools & Teaching
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 8, 2010)
180 pages
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City Tales: A series of novels geared toward high school students who abhor reading. the original cover for the book that started it all - Crossed Out.

City Tales: A series of novels geared toward high school students who abhor reading. Sacred Cow" - an excerpt from "I Went Into Teaching For The Money". author Brian Leiken reads an excerpt from his novel "I Went Into Teaching For The Money".

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Brian Craig (Author). Book 1 of 3 in the Warhammer: Tales of Orfeo Series. Ships from and sold by fleamarketbooks.

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Brian Michael Stableford (born 25 July 1948) is a British science fiction writer who has published more than 70 novels. His earlier books were published under the name Brian M. Stableford, but more recent ones have dropped the middle initial and appeared under the name Brian Stableford. He has also used the pseudonym Brian Craig for a couple of very early works, and again for a few more recent works

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What can happen in a single day in an inner city public high school? More than you can handle. Experience a day in the life at Emilio Washington High School as told by the students themselves. John doesn’t mind going to school, so long as he can stay alive… John is a normal teenager with a dangerous hobby – bombing rival’s tags. Now, his posse has been kicked out of school and a rival gang wants to jump him. Unable to turn to his family or authorities, John has to find a way to survive one more day at school without getting crossed out. Brian Leiken is a six-year veteran of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The City Tales series was created to help the students he loves learn to love to read.
  • Fararala
What happens when a motivated teacher, frustrated with his barely literate inner city students, reaches wit's end? Most would snap or quit or snap or both. Brian Leiken didn't do either. Instead, in his free time, he began to write. Most would write about their frustrations with the uphill daily battle of trying to teach children completely distracted and desensitized by the technological world they were born into. Brian Leiken didn't do that either. Instead he wrote a novel he called Crossed Out. He wrote it for his students. He wrote a story set within a familiar setting -- high school. He wrote a book they could relate to that delivers a memorable lesson. Crossed Out was embraced by Leiken's students -- so much so, they began stealing copies of the book. That's how much they loved it. Upon learning this, Brian Leiken did what anyone with his talent would -- he wrote two more novels, Knocked Down and Messed Up, and placed all three under the umbrella label City Tales Novels. He then created a Teacher's Guide so the novels could easily be taught in classrooms. Leiken did all this in his spare time. Leiken did all this for the students he was frustrated by on a daily basis, students whose well-being and future he had come to care about like all teachers should. But I digress...

Crossed Out, Knocked Down, and Messed Up are wonderfully written and completely entertaining novels. The well-drawn and believable characters leap off each of these page-turners. The dialogue and situations feel real. And each book delivers a satisfying, inspiring, and memorable tale. It's no surprise the students at Leiken's school began stealing copies, because there's nothing else quite like these books on the market. Kudos to Brian Leiken. We need more books like these...and we need more teachers/authors like him.
  • Windforge
This book is so great for students who have difficulty reading!I work with high school students who are at low reading levels and it is hard to find books that interest them. Usually the books that they can read are little kid stories, which doesn't capture their attention; thus the dilema. How can they become better readers if they don't practice reading? This book is the answer! AND there are 3 of them!! I started using them in my classroom and they loved them!
  • Humin
I used this book in a reading intervention class a few years ago. My students loved it. They enthusiastically read it and asked for additional titles from the same author. It's very difficult to find truly compelling literature that is short and accessible to all readers and this book is certainly both. The students respnded well to the narrative, which rang true to them, and the author's authentic voice. Highly recommend.