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by Suresh Mahadevan

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Suresh Mahadevan
Wiley; 1 edition (July 4, 2002)
240 pages
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It is ideal for writing text-processing applications, server-side scripts, application prototypes, mathematics, and for many everyday programming tasks.

Making Use of Ruby book.

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Manufacturer: John Wiley & Sons Release date: 30 July 2002 ISBN-10 : 047121972X ISBN-13: 9780471219729. Use tags to describe a product .

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Suresh Mahadevan, Rashi Gupta

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The book is by Suresh Mahadevan and its published by Wiley. The printed price on the book in the US is 35$ while in Canada its priced at 5. 0$. This may seem on the heavy side since the book in its totality is just above 200 pages. The other two books I found were about the Ruby on Rails framework. The book on the whole has a nice layout and has a neat appearance thus making it easy on the eyes. It starts off with the very basics keeping in mind a user with no prior programming experience.

Ruby is an interpreted language, capable of saving programmers considerable time during program development since no compilation and linking are necessary. It is ideal for writing text-processing applications, server-side scripts, application prototypes, mathematics, and for many everyday programming tasks. * Reviews Ruby's clever syntax and demonstrates why that makes it a perfect choice for beginning programmers, and also shows how its multipurpose capabilities make it a sound choice for experienced developers * Explores Ruby's uses for prototyping, text processing, and other tasks
  • Joony
This has to be the strangest computer book I have ever read, the book should have become a classic as an introductory text to the Ruby language. This book has a great layout and format. The author(s) present the language through a series of case studies that help put the various elements of the language in an understandable context. It is apparent that the author(s) have a deep understanding of their subject matter. So what's the problem? The author(s) obviously speak English as a second language and the book was not edited. This book appears to be a first draft that was slapped together and shipped. The editors (Ben Ryan, Kathryn Malm, Pamela Hanley and Brian Snapp) should look for another line of work. 5 stars to the author(s), 0 stars to the editors. Too bad this book wasn't published by O'Reilly.
  • Rgia
Don't even read this book, it will actually damage your understanding of Ruby and programming in general. I looked at it, not as a master Ruby programmer, but someone with a long, deep involvement with programming and writing who wanted to see how different authors approached Ruby. Jim Haung's blistering review is an understatement: the author had no idea of what he was talking about, the author may have had trouble with English as a second language, and the Publisher's editorial process not only failed, it could never have happened. The work is an intellectual toxic spill that can only be handled by professional Ruby programmers and computer scientists wanting to grasp deep human misunderstanding.
  • Goltigor
This book is not only poorly written and poorly edited, it's riddled with factual and conceptual errors. If you're a practicing Ruby programmer, I need only point you to the inchoate section on Blocks on pages 57-59 to convince you that the author didn't have the slightest idea of what he was writing about. Nearly every sentence in the introductory paragraph has something conceptually wrong with it.

If you want a good Ruby book, pick up Programming Ruby or The Ruby Way.