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by Beck Zaratian

Download Microsoft Visual C++: Programmers Guide eBook
Beck Zaratian
Microsoft Press (January 1, 1998)
640 pages
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This book is very wonderful for any Visual C++ 6 programmer who wants to get more aquainted with the user interface.

This book is very wonderful for any Visual C++ 6 programmer who wants to get more aquainted with the user interface. Unlike any other book, it presents and explain many features of the DevStudio creation, including Appwizard, ClassWizard, etc.

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The author assumes knowledge of C and C++ and some experience with Visual C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) programming. The book has four major parts and a fifth that comprises three appendices. The first part covers the Developer Studio and AppWizard components of the product.

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Microsoft Visual C++ book.

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Microsoft Visual C++ . Reference Library is the printed version of the . Complete Pricing and Information for Visual Programming Titles. The book covers network programming over the Internet, using Visual C++ and MFC libraries to create a custom socket implementation and more. Reference Library is the printed version of the extensive online help reference that comes with Microsoft Visual C++ . The five-volume set includes terminology and concepts, A – Z listings of preprocessor directives and a section on globals and macros. Programmer's Guide.

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Traducción de: Microsoft Visual C++ . Programmers's Guide Obra en 5 volumenes del programa Visual de Microsoft. Este volumen incluye el Visual C++ en su versión . Contenido: Uso y personalización de la interfaz de desarrollo; Asistentes de aplicación y clase; Recursos; Cuadros de diálogo y controles; Gallery; Escritura y uso de controles ActiveX con MFC y ATL; Optimización y depuración; Construcción y macros con VBScript. Microsoft Visual C++ . : příručka programátora /. Article.

The latest edition of this popular programming tutorial, previously published as the ""Microsoft Visual C++ Owner's Manual"", offers a fresh approach and comprehensive discussion of issues around using the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++. It will appeal to new users, developers coming from another language or implementation, and upgraders from earlier versions. They will learn in detail about the components of the new development environment and techniques for setting up development projects, especially in multiple developer environments. The book is supplemented by many example programs and projects that illustrate text explanations. When fast isn't fast enough for your application or component development, turn to Visual C++ 6.0 and the ""Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Programmer's Guide"", the complete user's guide to all the Visual C++ programming tools. ""Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Programmer's Guide"" topics include:

An overview of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 for new users and developers familiar with other languages and implementations

Issues in setting up development projects

Development environment components

Example applications, reusable code for components, controls, and other projects.

  • Thohelm
This book was a great disappointment. Many of the examples deliberately bypass the automation features of VC++6 so that the reader has a lot of typing to do to try them out. While this may lead to better understanding of what's going on, it's not a lot of help to a new user trying to get started as quickly as possible. I also found it badly laid out, for example finding out how to create a tabbed-dialog screen was very frustrating until I learned that the author refers to these as Property Sheets. There's no mention of tabbed dialogs in the index, and once you know that you should look for "property sheet", the information provided is sparse. If you want to try to create a DLL, forget it... there's 4 pages on how to tell the AppWizard to set up the project, and a couple more about debugging, but zip about what the call and return sequence is for a DLL function.
  • Raelin
Keep your dollars . A big font and generous line spacing are selected for this weak title . My guess is the word count is about 1/3 or less than the usual ' big fat reference ' . Certainly , theres a great deal more left out than included . The text is promoted as the Developer Studio Visual C++ ' workshop manual ' . Don't expect any detail on Compiler Options , Macro design with VBScript , the build process and associated files and directories . The author barely touches any of that .
Coverage on setting the compiler is minimal . Macro VBScript coverage doesn't even stretch to a map of the editor's object model ! Some properties and methods are mentioned , far more is left out than included . No wonder the author goes into some detail on how to use the MSDN for help . No FAQ section ! No Troubleshooting-Common-Build-Problems section ! "Link","Linker" or "Linking" do NOT appear in the index ! I quote [from page 18] an example of the author's pitch :
"When the cursor passes over a hypertext link in the MSDN window , the cursor assumes the shape of a pointing hand (Fig 1-10) ." I guess this statement is for those Visual C++ programmers who don't know how a mouse behaves on a hyperlink ! There's plenty more of this nonsense . Yet more ' explanations ' ,step by step , through the Wizards , and yet more example programs . The accompanying CDRom is ' packed ' with a piddling 6.59 Mb of content [includes release.exe files of the 'projects'] .
  • Phain
This book is not for learning Language C++, If you want to learn how to use the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) this is an excellent book. I thing that those who did not like the book was because they pretend to learn C++ Language or they are familiar with other development tools such a Borland C++, my apologizes for those that aren't familiar with Microsoft technologies.
Ivan Torres 18 June 1999
  • Questanthr
In order to prevent more novice programmers from buying this book, I want to include a quote from the first sentence of the introduction: "This book is about Visual C++. Not the C++ language, not the MFC library, just Visual C++ itself." That's very straightforward and pretty accurate in terms of establishing expectations for this book. Visual C++ is a programming tool, not a language, and this book will help you learn how to use the tool to your highest benefit. It is -- as the title implies -- a guide for programming with Visual C++. My recommendation is: don't buy this book if you aren't familiar with the following: C++, Win32 API, Microsoft Foundation Class library, Component Object Model, Active Template Library, and Microsoft's software development paradigm. If you are familiar with the above material, and you've programmed Win32 applications with C++, MFC, COM, or ATL the hard way, this book can show you how to do it the easy way. Very good reference for customizing Visual C++ and using it to reduce the amount of time it takes you to code your software.
  • Marige
This book is very wonderful for any Visual C++ 6 programmer who wants to get more aquainted with the user interface. Unlike any other book, it presents and explain many features of the DevStudio creation, including Appwizard, ClassWizard, etc. Although it's full of very usefull samples, it doesn't cover C++ because that's is not the purpose of most/all books of this kind. You can get a lot of help from using this book.
  • Vizuru
This book will only be useful to you if you already know Windows programming, and just want to learn how to use the GUI and Wizards. I have been programming iN Unix c/c++ for a while, and all I am lookign for is a that describes how to use/create some of the basic objects in Windows, I would love to hear of this book if it exists.
  • Agantrius
It has a comprehensive description of what menues and buttons you must type in order to use any function but it doesn't explain useful things like how to work with dependencies (with projects). Typical of Microsoft. The book is intented to be for intermediate programmers, but explains tasks too simple even for amateurs and at the same time assumes that you understand complex things (for advanced users).
For some reason, looking at the title, I thought this book would be about programming, for programmers. Instead it's about using a programs interface. This book need a new title. Like "How to Use Visual C++ 6.0", or "How to get started with Visual C++ 6.0". Not much of a programming book.