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by Princeton Review

Download Cracking the ACT with DVD, 2011 Edition (College Test Preparation) eBook
Princeton Review
College & High School
Princeton Review; Pap/DVD edition (December 7, 2010)
640 pages
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How I got a 5 on the AP Euro Test!

How I got a 5 on the AP Euro Test!

The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

Series: College Test Preparation. Paperback: 832 pages. So between using the strategies and applying my new knowledge, i scored a 32, with 34's on english and reading (a 4-5 point increase from my previous scores), a 30 on math (1 point increase), and a 30 on science (decreased from my first score but, 2-3 points higher than my average score).

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A friend recently asked if I'd tutor her son for the ACT, so purchased this book to teach him the non-math sections.

Get all the prep you need to ace the ACT with 6 full-length practice tests. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

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If it’s on the ACT, it’s in this book! Cracking the ACT with DVD, 2011 Edition includes: · 4 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations—2 in the book and 2 online· DVD featuring tutorials from The Princeton Review’s top course instructors· Comprehensive and engaging review of all ACT subjects from trigonometry to reading comprehension· Practice questions and explanations in every chapter· Practical information on the what, when, where, and how of the ACT · Online lessons and tutorials for more practice· Problem-conquering strategies like Process of Elimination and Ballparking that can help you quickly eliminate wrong answer choices· Tips and tools for navigating your college applications· Planning and organization tips to get you all the way to test day!
  • Hono
I have been using this title for four years with my students, and find it to be one of the best available for the typical college-bound student.

Much of the content in the book is standard test-taking advice, but many students need the subtle reminders. I focus primarily on the math sections, and they do a great job of distilling the topics into a cluster of important ideas. Many of the topics covered on the test involve math skills learned in middle school, and often, I find that students forget some of the simple content. The book is a great review of those skills.

The style is very readable, and it has lots of white space to work problems and make notes. I can assign a couple chapters a week, and students actually do read and work the problems, and practice some of the skills. Most of the students I have using this book have score increases in the neighborhood of 2-5 points, attributable in part to the understandable coverage. Students seem a lot more confident of their skills after they use this book.

For those of you already in the upper 20s, this is probably not the book for you. I would look at Barron's ACT 36: Aiming for the Perfect Score, which is a bit more nuanced in its approach.

For those detractors who mention that this book looks a lot like prior versions, I agree there are a lot of similarities. The test doesn't change a lot from year to year. There is a new test this year, reflecting some of the changes I have seen in the past two years, focusing more on setup than computation.

Because it is early in the year, I have not noticed any errors - yet. I will update as I find them. Typically there are a couple - not surprising considering the amount of content.
  • Opithris
I found four mistakes in 13 pages of the math I reviewed with my student. (pg 113-121) I assume they are typos. But since the math doesn't teach you how to do a problem, only how to work around the problem, for all I know the author was lacking in mathematical understanding. Also, the book suggests you buy a particular calculator (TI-83) because you can punch in the algebraic equations without understanding. I was suspicious that they would allow such a calculator, it would be cheating. Sure enough, I went to the ACT site and the calculator they suggest you buy is not allowed. That is a big deal. Imagine showing up to take the test prepared to use the strategies of the book, only to find out that your calculator isn't allowed! You don't even have a back up calculator! A student is likely to bomb the math and lose any concentration there would have been for the rest of the test.
  • Vizuru
I bought this book for my daughter who is a junior in high school. She is scheduled to take the ACT test later this month.It contains quite a bit of helpful information on taking the ACT test. Each section is timed. You're not sure of an answer for the problem or question? It tells you how to use POE, Process of Elimination, and it works. My daughter finds the information more helpful than the ACT club at her high school. I haven't had math or science for a long long time and I enjoyed taking some of the math & science sample tests. I have to use the book when she is in school.
In the evening I have to remind my daughter to put the book down & get ready for bed.
My daughter is into the DVD also & she told me WOW! Thanks for getting me this book.
  • Vonalij
I took the instructor's course for the PRINCETON REVIEW SAT and found out how excellent and thorough their materials are. I've taught SAT prep at a prep school here in Connecticut and had private students. A friend recently asked if I'd tutor her son for the ACT, so purchased this book to teach him the non-math sections. I love the explanations in this book. They know how to explain it clearly to kids about how to think about the test and the questions.

What's helpful for students and parents to understand about the reading tests on the ACT is that on real tests in school teachers want to provide good answers for you to choose from because you've memorized the material and just have to identify the right answer when you see it--it's more a test of did you learn the material?

Because the reading tests on the ACT Test don't rely on your memory or knowledge base, but can you find the answer in a passage, they give you lousy answers, deceptive answers--sometimes you have to choose among the least worst answer. So, it takes strategy and knowing HOW the test company scrambles the answers in 4 different ways (distortion, switch, extreme answers and the "nice" answer) to lure students into the wrong answer. Once you know the ways they do this, it's easier to spot the right answer. These ACT reading tests mainly test how well you take this kind of test, not how good of a reader you are or how much you've read etc. In fact, there's not enough time to read the selections, so it's more of a read the question, and "spot the answer" in the selection as quickly as you can strategy. This book shows the student how to do that.

It's not really a test of reading comprehension. It's a test of using the strategies that work to find the right answer. And PRINCETON REVIEW materials are excellent at explaining fun ways to do this. They spend millions every year teaching test prep with actual students, so know what works and what doesn't. And their employees sit and take the tests with students at test centers every year to keep up with the latest questions. Once students know the strategies, it takes the fear away because they see a question and know which strategy to use for that type of question.

Similarly the English section covers specific, limited grammar rules so you need to know what those are that they will expect you to use to again select the correct answers.

I've heard the actual ACT Test company's book is great for tests, but they're not as motivated to teach you strategies as they don't want to give all their secrets away. They don't want to provide the knowledge so everyone can ACE the test, or they'd have to design a new test. So, buy this book for practice to improve your strategy skills, take the practice tests, and then use the ACT Test company's book for actual mock tests once you've completed PRINCETON REVIEW's materials.

I've taught for over 20 years, tutored for more, and been headmistress of a private academy. I just wish I'd had access to these PRINCETON REVIEW test prep materials when I was in high school.