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by Princeton Review

Download Cracking the LSAT, 2007 Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) eBook
Princeton Review
Graduate School
Princeton Review (June 27, 2006)
512 pages
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Series: Graduate School Test Preparation (Book 2007). Paperback: 400 pages.

Series: Graduate School Test Preparation (Book 2007).

test preparation for SAT, ACT and graduate school entrance exams.

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The LSAT is a test of logic and reasoning Take a free LSAT practice test or attend an info session. We know that great scores take work

The LSAT is a test of logic and reasoning. Our instructors train you to tackle every question type on this test. We get better results than the competition-hands down. Our Ultimate students average a 12-point score improvement. Take a free LSAT practice test or attend an info session. We know that great scores take work. That's why we design our courses to be efficient, targeted and strategic so you make the most of every minute you spend prepping.

In Cracking the LSAT, we’ll teach you how to think like the test writers and. ·Master specific strategies for answering every question type ·Solve even the Cracking the LSAT brings you proven techniques from the test prep experts!

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The LSAT is a major factor in the law school admissions process, and if you are an aspiring lawyer,Cracking the LSAT has everything you need to prepare for this crucial exam.

Cracking the LSAT brings you proven techniques from the test prep experts! The 2007 edition includes 2 full-length practice tests in the book and exclusive free access to another practice exam and further review online. In Cracking the LSAT, we’ll teach you how to think like the test writers and ·Master specific strategies for answering every question type·Solve even the toughest questions in Arguments, Reading Comprehension, and Games·Get the most out of your prep time with the study plan that’s right for you. ·Practice online with a full-length LSAT practice testWe give you plenty of practice problems to help you master our proven techniques. Our practice questions are just like those you’ll see on the real LSAT–but with detailed answers and explanations for every question.
  • Vertokini
I thought this book was a good start for learning the LSAT. I think everybody's situation might be a little different, so I'll tell you a bit about mine and suggest some other materials. I'm a math/programming guy so I think I was already set up pretty well for the logic games and logical reasoning sections. On my first prep-test, however, I wasn't formally familiar with the terms the test was using. I wasn't sure exactly what constituted a main point, etc. This book, Cracking the LSAT, lays out in very simple terms everything you need to know to understand what the logical reasoning questions are asking for. It also gives you some simple strategies for finding the correct answer. Additionally, it's a very good primer on the logical games portion, and it gives you a foundation to work with for reading comprehension.

If you're aiming for a good score, another must have would be the old LSATs, published under the 'Official LSAT Preptest' title. You can buy them individually or in groups of 10 under the '10', '10 More', or 'Next 10', 'Actual, Official Preptests'. A decent study plan would include from 5-15 timed practice tests and a comparable amount of timed or untimed study of individual sections. You should also keep in mind that older tests are thought to have easier reading comprehension, harder games, and looser scales. So, if you're trying to gauge your test day performance then you are better off taking a more recent test. Also, as important as exposure to new material is, it is more important to review and understand the questions you got wrong.

If you feel like you can master more following this book, a great next step would be the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible and the Logic Games. These books, as a guide to practice, are generally considered to be the best on the market.

Good luck,
This is an all-inclusive guide for HOW to prepare for law school/LSATs. While I have ordered supplements, this is kind of an overall synopsis of what you need to know preparing for law school.

The book focuses on "what to expect" and introduces users to what sorts of trouble they may have when taking the LSAT. It is helpful to allow this book to introduce the sorts of questions asked and then learn how to answer. Because the LSAT often includes "choose the best answer," many solutions may be correct. This guide allows students to understand the "best" answer and why it is the correct one.

In the end, I think this reference was helpful to get started on the LSAT track. However, in my case, the most useful resource came in the form of practice tests, so don't forget to do plenty of those.
  • Jake
I was recently accepted into law school, and this guide was all I needed to "crack" that dreaded LSAT. The language is simple and candid, and provides generally good tips on how to improve your speed and accuracy simultaneously.

In addition, I found the format remarkably easy to follow; an introduction, details of the four LSAT sections and practice tests, what you should do on the day of the test, and the whole law-school-application process. This made it easy for me to find where I left off. For someone who also worked full time, I know how valuable it is to be able to jump right back into rigorous study after a long day's work.

I have read others' reviews which criticized the guide's practice tests, claiming they are not like the real thing. I disagree: I actually found them to be positively challenging. In fact, I scored five points higher on the actual LSAT than on the practice test. I feel comfortable writing that this guide made the difference.

The only reason I didn't give this product five stars is because I'm unfamiliar with other LSAT prep material, so I cannot accurately compare it to what someone else might experience with a different guide. Nonetheless, this book did its job as advertised.
  • The Sinners from Mitar
Bought this for a class, but let me tell you, this is one of the best study materials I have ever had! It gives you tips, lets you test yourself, and trust me, you will improve.

On the practice tests, I went from 132 to a 170 pretty quick (I think, but either way it was a huge difference).

I took a month long class before the LSAT, but I haven't taken the LSAT myself.

And they release an edition every year, so you may want to get past editions for the tests.
  • Blackworm
I bought this book, 10 Actual LSATs, and the Kaplan guide. I decided to take the LSAT in mid-April and plan to take the test in June. I used the Kaplan book first, and I didn't see much improvement. This book, however, seemed to click with me to the tune of an improvement of 20 points. I'm now above the 90th percentile after using this book for about 1.5 weeks. This book's explanations were much more helpful for me in figuring out why I was missing questions than Kaplan's. But, be prepared to put in some time studying with this book. I've been putting in a couple of hours every night on getting ready for the test, and it seems to have paid off.