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Download Finding Gold in Washington State: 2005-6 Edition eBook

by Sean Taeschner

Download Finding Gold in Washington State: 2005-6 Edition eBook
Sean Taeschner
AuthorHouse; 2005-06 ed. edition (June 23, 2005)
108 pages
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Finding Gold in Washington Stateis a book functioning a. .Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Finding Gold in Washington Stateis a book functioning a. by Sean T. Taeschner.

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Taeschner, Sean . "Finding Gold In Washington State" & "Finding Gold with Sluicebox Sean. THE book for anyone who wants to find Gold, Native Copper or even Diamonds in the Midwestern United States. Thornton, Matt: "Dredging for Gold". Though it focuses primarily on Indiana, the information it contains can be used successfully to locate gold in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin or anywhere else that has "Glacial Gold.

It answers the WHY & HOW of finding, recovering, and profiting from gold while recreational prospecting. Armed with a simple and well-laid-out procedures and rules of thumb as described, even an individual with no prior prospecting knowledge should be able to experience the thrill of finding gold.

ISBN: 978-1-4208-5568-5. ISBN-10: 1-4208-5568-9.

Theodor Menzel (Ed. ). Franz Taeschner (Ed. ) (1951) .

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Sean Taeschner's video does an excellent job of clearly explaining which locations and conditions present the best opportunities for discovering gold

Additionally, the video demonstrates a variety of gold panning equipment and how to use it. Sean discusses where gold has been found in the United States, as well as good places to look for gold-bearing deposits. Sean Taeschner's video does an excellent job of clearly explaining which locations and conditions present the best opportunities for discovering gold.

Finding Gold in Washington State: 2005-6 Edition is a book functioning as an informational guide for small scale miners in Washington State. This edition is even more packed with answers to reader questions of WHO / WHAT / WHERE / WHEN / WHY & HOW to find, recover, refine and profit from gold while prospecting. The book includes even more gold prospecting suppliers and clubs one can join as well as state rules and contact addresses and phone numbers for state resource guides and rules. The author also includes hot areas he has successfully prospected, as well as ones offered in e-mails from readers and other miners. Also included is an interesting chapter on the politics of gold mining versus those who are actively trying to save salmon in the Pacific Northwest, and photos of some interesting hard rock mines and mining samples. Produced and published in the U.S.A. in order to protect American jobs! All rights reserved.
  • Munimand
I have been scammed. this book is a rip off. Every single worthwhile piece of information in this book could have easily fit on a -single page-
Lame. Really there is about 9 pages of places to go, but the pages are mostly photos. The first section has some tips on panning and gold separation and such. Nothing you could not find on the internet fairly easily. Then there is a silly screed about god, gold and guns, which is irrelevant to the subject. I can go anywhere online and hear someone's tea party ramblings, I sure as hell do not want to pay for it under the premise of "finding gold" There is also a lot of pages with ads for various mining items and equipment, Again fairly useless The last half of the book is a lesson plan for teachers.
In summary I paid 13.99 for this book. Which is about 13.66 cents too much. Seriously, a lesson plan? Why not call it "disorganized ramblings of a right wing 8th grader forced to write a report on gold in Washington using a copy of the world book from 1971"
Another funny thing. ALL of the 5 star reviews are by people who have not reviewed anything, except another one of his books (also glowingly) So It looks like he got a few of his friends at Cooter's guns and live bait to help him out with a review
  • Siatanni
For a book presumably written by a teacher with an M.ED (as prominently displayed on the cover - not sure what that credential has to do with prospecting) - this book is very disappointing. I'd give it a "D".

The sections that should have some meat - separating gold from concentrates, for example, are barely given a couple of pages of material, and even that is disorganized and barely useful. A surprising amount of text is written on Aqua Regia - a potent acid that no recreational prospector has any business playing with.

The "guide" sections of the book are extremely vague, with no maps. I live a couple of miles from the Sultan River, but have no idea of where the "Horseshoe" is; and the book gives no hints on where to find it, or the other supposed good areas on the Skykomish River. He also sends you to areas that are solidly claimed, like Liberty, with a suggestion to not go claim jumping - guess what, virtually all the areas at Liberty would make you a claim jumper.

There is also a full chapter of reviews of the book that were cut and pasted fromm e-mails received by the author. These snippets are not only self serving as part of the text (rather than liner notes) but the author didn't even bother to remove the sender's e-mail addresses! In some cases he even left the e-mail header, including the originator's IP address - if he did that to me I'd be mighty annoyed,since it's a major security breach and could put those people at risk for cyber-shenanigans.

Finally, the oddest thing about the book is the 20 pages - TWENTY PAGES - devoted to a lesson plan for 4th grade science class on gold mining and prospecting. This section, by far the most voluminous chapter, isn't even mentioned on the cover! To be honest, I didn't even bother to read this section, since I'm not a 4th grade science teacher and have no plans to start a new career. But since this chapter takes up about a third or better of the book, it would have been nice if Taeschner had warned us about it.

Unfortunately, this book isn't really worth even the few bucks I spent on it. And it's not even useful enough to pass along to my friends. Maybe I'll donate it to a local school.
  • Bludsong
In the way of locations, etc. I already knew more spots before ever picking up this boring book! WHY? Did the author leave out Snohomish Co entirely? Ummm, anyone ever heard of Monte Cristo? Ha...
  • Made-with-Love
This book if you could call it that was very poorly put together. A lot of pages that Have been printed right off the internet. Author only gives you six locations for prospecting in Washington and they are very well known places that anyone can find on the net....would not buy
  • Aiata
This is a very poor book on prospecting. lot's of half pages "BIG TYPE", He gives 6 areas/rivers (no maps)DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!
  • Nuadazius
The contents this book are as follows:
1. Clip art. Ostensibly, this was taken from a floppy disk that originally was included with an early 1990s edition of Corel Draw.
2. Photos of the author standing or crouching in distinctly uninteresting or informative poses. Note: A gold pan is the only gold-related thing visible, unless the author has undisclosed gold dental fillings. No sluices, highbankers, dredges, or metal detectors are seen. For that matter, I don't think they are mentioned in the text.
3. Many reproductions of advertisements for gold prospecting equipment, but reproduced so poorly such that the text is unreadable.
4. Emails between the author and various idiots who often have nothing to say about local gold. These are reproduced verbatim and including the email headers. There is, however, a hilarious email exchange between the author and a State of Washington official wherein the author asks if he can reproduce the state's gold prospecting pamphlet and the official says "no". Given how starved that the author is for content, I expect that this very review will be reproduced (poorly, with a 1970s Xerox machine) in a future version of the book.
5. A "lesson plan" for teaching children about gold, and how to grade their essays.
6. Rants about god and guns that would require an extensive diagram in order to relate to the subject of Washington State-specific gold prospecting. Said diagram was not included in the book.

I'm pretty sure that this book is the result of a bar bet, where the author bet that he could write an entire book in 3 hours and publish it, and the subject was drunkenly chosen out of a hat. Either that, or the author is actually a Bubble Boy, who has lived his entire life hidden from society but he dreams of one day being able to do things outdoors. So he wrote a book on gold prospecting, but only knew of the subject what he had gleaned from television and a single mis-delivered gold equipment catalog from 1985.

The only useful bit of information that I got from this book is as follows: Any idiot can write a book, even if they can't write, and even if they don't know anything about the subject. But I am inspired. See, I could take this very review that I am writing right now, throw it into book form with some low-quality clip art, scans of ads, email exchanges reproduced in a size 18 font, a crappy "lesson plan" about reviewing gold books on Amazon, and throw this all together to create a book that is more valuable and informative than this one.