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Rough Guides
United States
Rough Guides; 7th edition (May 31, 2004)
1440 pages
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For over 35 years, Rough Guides has provided expert travel advice and can now plan and book tailor-made trips for its . Read the latest from our expert travel writers. The Rough Guide to the best places to travel in 2020.

For over 35 years, Rough Guides has provided expert travel advice and can now plan and book tailor-made trips for its independent-minded travellers. Top travel destinations. Get inspiration and travel information for worldwide destinations with our online travel guides. Croatiachevron right. Costa Ricachevron right. Where to stay in Lisbon.

Rough Guides are written by expert authors who are passionate about both writing and travel. They have detailed knowledge of the areas they write about-having either traveled extensively or lived there-and their expertise shines through on every page. It's priceless information, delivered with wit and insight, providing the down-to-earth, honest read that is the hallmark of Rough Guides. Series: Rough Guides.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The Rough Guide to Southwest USA is the ultimate travel guide to the fabled American West. Explore ancient Native American cliff dwellings and pueblos in Canyon de Chelly and Mesa Verde.

The Rough Guide to Peru is the ultimate travel guide with clear maps and detailed coverage . .The Rough Guide to Portugal is your ultimate handbook to one of Europe''s most beautiful countries. The Rough Guide to Hindi & Urdu Dictionary Phrasebook 3. 242 Pages·2010·8.

Travel Guides and Tailor-Made Trips from the experts. Welcome to the Rough Guide to 2020!

The Rough Guide to 2020, the ultimate guide on where to go next year, is online now! Welcome to the Rough Guide to 2020! From up-and-coming destinations to old favourites with a new reason to visit, this guide has our pick of the best places to travel in 2020. Welcome to the Rough Guide to 2020! From up-and-coming destinations to old favourites with a new reason to visit, this guide has our pick of the best places to travel in 2020.

Rough Guides Ltd is a British travel guidebook and reference publisher, which has been owned by APA Publications since November 2017. In addition to publishing guidebooks, the company also provides a tailor-made trips service based on customers’ individual criteria.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. The Rough Guide to Genes and Cloning 1 (Rough Guide Reference). The Rough Guide to Tuscany & Umbria 6 (Rough Guide Travel Guides). 1 Mb. The Rough Guide to Swahili Dictionary Phrasebook 3 (Rough Guide Phrasebooks). Категория: Языкознание, Словари. Jonathan Buckley, Tim Jepson, Mark Ellingham, Rough Guides. Категория: География, Краеведение, Туризм. 1. 0 Mb. The Rough Guide to Costa Rica 5 (Rough Guide Travel Guides). Jean McNeil, Rough Guides.

Get inspired with Rough Guides! The Rough Guide to Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands £1. 9. Ultimate Bucket list destinations in America - Travel To Blank Travel Guide. Free Image on Pixabay - Rio De Janeiro, Olympics 2016. Must see places in Bolivia. Bear Mountain Mountain Art Mountain Climbing Bolivia Mountain Paintings Plan Your Trip South America Mount Everest Trekking. Things not to miss - Rough Guides. South American adventures. What others are saying. We bet that with all these events with the Olympic Games and all, it probably crossed your mind is Rio de Janeiro, a cool place to visit for the holidays.

The Rough Guide to the USA is the most comprehensive and colourful guide to the fifty states available. There are lively accounts of every region and attraction from the bright lights of Broadway to the vast open plains of Wyoming. The guide gives refreshingly opinionated reviews of the established sights and landmarks as well as uncovering many of the lesser-known gems, allowing the visitor to make the most of their trip. There are feature boxes that provide information on a variety of subjects from the Delta blues to the geology of the Grand Canyon. There are also maps and plans to help you navigate around the major attractions, inner city streets or interstates
  • Nahelm
I have very mixed feelings about the Kindle version. It is great to have everything in one place (as the book has 1000 pages) and things are easy to locate and read on the iPad. The Rough Guide itself is as good and dependable as always, with interesting history and background information as well as specific local knowledge mixed in.

Everything, however, falls down with the image quality. The images are very small sizes and thus blurry at any size above a postage stamp. The maps are basically unusable, as the image quality is so bad that you cannot zoom in enough to actually read the street names and references from the text. Which basically means we will have to either download specific maps wherever we go, or buy local paper maps and carry them around too, which we were trying to avoid in the first place when we bought the kindle edition...

Am thinking of returning it, unfortunately, guide books aren't much use without the maps!
  • skriper
I can't understand Amazon including reviews that are up to a decade old when this book was only published in 2011. This is very well written, opinionated, general overview of the USA. Of the two recent reviews, one refers to the Kindle version, and the other wanted out of the way places than a general guide could provide. Well worth 5 stars.
  • HyderCraft
It shows the regular main attractions that you could easily find yourself. I was hoping for something different - out of the way places.
  • Jum
I went cross-country three times this past summer and must've thumbed through this book every hour or so of my trip (sometimes even while driving!). It sometimes was a bit sparse in covering _all_ the places to see, or perhaps a few "almost essentials," but when ANY book tries to cover the entire United States (and then some), you've got to forgive it some holes. Even so, I learned so much about each area, and did find some "secrets" I would have otherwise driven right past.
The other great thing about this guide is that it's written from a European (and emigrant American) perspective. You get a view on our geography (social as well as physical) that's quite refreshing. Also, the quick guides in the back: a compact history of the United States (which was brief, skeletal, but very interesting) and brief biographies of leading figures in North American history (which was interesting if only in their selections). A great road-trip read!
  • Rko
The Rough Guide is the best guide available. They give you an insight into what you want to do and regularly point out things you would have otherwise missed. My wife & I have just completed our 3 cross country trip with this book and they are yet to fail us. The best thing, outside of the history and background information they provide you is the restaurant recommendations. None of this where to get the best tofu burger here. They send you to where the locals eat and it has never failed us for great authentic eating. We threw out our other guide books months ago and swear by this series.
  • Thoginn
The Rough Guide series has proven to be the best choice when traveling; this edition is no different. I recently completed a six week auto journey of the Western US--from South Dakota through California and finally back to my home in North Carolina. I couldn't have had a better guide to point me along on the journey. The information is honest and the attitude contemporary. The book covers the US national parks at the same level of detail and high energy as the country's grandest cities. I have--and will be--consistenly be traveling with the highest caliber guidebook on the planet. Very nice work and my congratulations to the Rough Guide authors & staff.
  • Rrd
I just completed a 2 month trip through the US and Canada. I'm afraid to say that the Rough Guide was not always very helpful in the process. It does contain all the basic information on a lot of places, all right. And I guess it is to be expected that some of it is quite superficial as you cannot not cover everything. However, the book has some important shortcomings:
- Maps are few and poor. More often than not I found that major streets were missing, making orientation a hassle. So you have to juggle the guidebook and a separate map when walking through cities or driving around. Also, it would be very helpful to mark the recommendations on the maps in the book (which is rather rarely done), so you don't spend hours locating the addresses on the map.
- The guide does not always indicate price ranges for restaurant recommendations (especially in large cities). It is quite annoying if you travel across town to a restaurant (and spend some time on it if you don't have a car) to find that the dishes are... and up. For budget travelers, this guide might be difficult to swallow.
- There's some inaccurate info on hostels and their opening times. So you need to call ahead before you end up in front of closed doors. Also, price ranges for motels are way off.
- There is no section on dangers and annoyances for cities, a section that could be very helpful (although it sometimes warns of some dangerous areas in the text).
Also, the rough Guide might want to consider a better binding, as the book came apart after six weeks of usage. Overall, next time I'd rather go for another guide than this for a trip to the US.
What an ingenious plan ole Mark Ellingham and the gang at Rough Guides have - publish the same travel guide for 2-3 years and hope no one looks at the date. Simply remarkable. If you'd like to continuously run out of money, by all means, buy this one. However, if you'd like an up-to-date book (even if one written by smarmy Harvard types), Let's Go is the one for you!