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by Al Seckel

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Al Seckel
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Carlton Publishing Group (April 15, 2002)
160 pages
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Al Seckel, formerly of the California Institute of Technology, is a leading authority on visual and other types of sensory illusions.

Al Seckel, formerly of the California Institute of Technology, is a leading authority on visual and other types of sensory illusions. He is the author of over 15 books on this subject, and has lectured extensively at many of the world's most prestigious universities. He also designs interactive galleries on illusions and perception for science museums across the country and around the world.

Seckel's new book is "Optical Illusions: The Science of Visual Illusions. This is a fine book, with 281 optical illusions (one per page). The book begins with a four page essay on illusions. This is followed 281 pages of illusions, each printed to fill one page. Many of the illusions have been published by Seckel and others previously. The one that got my attention is the following: "Your Mind's Eye: A Comprehensive Scientific Examination of Visual and Sensory Illusions.

Al Seckel has accomplished this demanding task with his book "The Art of Optical Illusions". Seckel presents the illusions as if you were touring an art gallery. He acts as a guide who lets you explore the visuals freely yet helps you understand them with succinct explanations if needed. Seckel does this by dividing his book into 4 gallerys. Each gallery includes a number of illusions, one per page. At the end of each gallery there are notes that help further explain the visual. You are able to enjoy and explore the illusions and reference the notes if you wish to know more.

Alfred Paul "Al" Seckel (September 3, 1958 – 2015) was an American collector and popularizer of visual and other types of sensory illusions, who wrote books about them. Seckel was born September 3, 1958 in New York City, New York to Paul Bernard Seckel, a German-born painter and graphic artist, and Ruth Schonthal, a German-born pianist and classical composer. His mother was a refugee from the Nazis. Seckel was raised in a Jewish household.

355 pages of optical illusions. Many of them the exact same optical illusion over and over. This is more of what might be considered more of a coffee table type book for entertaining guests than reading. Some of them aren't even illusions. It is a great book of illusions that our minds see with the information gathered from our eyes. It is both entertaining and educational. I think that everyone who is curious about how we think we see the world, or just wants to have some fun with friends should have a copy.

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The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions,Al Seckel.

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VERY GOOD" The Fantastic World of Optical Illusions, Seckel, Al, Book. Topic: Optical Illusions. 1 brand new from £2. 0.

This intriguing collection contains more than 275 optical illusions that appear to change before your eyes. Al Seckel carefully selected both well-known images, such as Shepard's tabletop, Wade's spiral, Ames room and Rubin's face/vase, and many lesser-known, but no less effective, illusions. Every type of optical illusion is here, along with notes about the science of each visual perception and how the illusions work.

Al Seckel is currently working on a comprehensive academic treatise on illusions for Massachusetts Institute of Technology and working in the Division of Computational and Neuronal Systems at Cal Tech in Pasadena. He lives in Pasadena, California. Библиографические данные. Masters of Deception: Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion.

This second volume of mind-boggling designs combines 160 of the most beautiful, engaging and bewildering optical illusions from the much loved ground/field reversal images to Escherist impossible crates and eternal spirals.
  • Alexandra
The 2 Seckel optical illusion collections (this volume + "Art of...") are the best collaborations I've ever seen on the subject. Not limited by or to the trite everyday old-time "dot-outside-box" stuff relegated to kids, these 2 volumes sample every category in optical-illusion science, including perspective, color, a whole host of 3D/1D impossible objects (including our old friend, the "3-pronged blivet" of 1964), modern/surreal artwork/photography, and op-art psychedelia as well as illusions which are actually experiments that test our other senses. Many you still don't believe even after proof!

I especially had interest in the "face" category, which includes faces hidden within plants and scenery; upside-down faces within right-side-up faces; the mirror-image bilateral split of Hillary Clinton's face; and what I call the "Eyes (& Mouths) of the Beholder" heads (Thatcher & Frakes) in which faces of famous people can be presented upside-down, while only some of their facial features left upright. Photo-cropping software can reproduce such effects. These last 2 ideas could start national fads if the results weren't so unnerving...
The illusions are beautifully presented on each glossed page with enough white-space for breathing room, while not too much to be considered a waste of page area. The paperback books are strongly bound, so pages wouldn't easily become dislodged. Most of the entries have explanatory notes set up as "footnotes" at the end of each "gallery" section (I would have to dock 1/2 star because several of the illusions I questioned were left without explanations).
Get one of the volumes, get both; they complement each other (but the 3rd, larger book, "Great Book of..." appears to be a rehash of the material in both of these).
  • Flocton
I purchased this book from as a set, paired with "the Great Book of Optical Illusions" by the same author. "More Optical Illusions" is simply the last 4 chapters of "the Great Book of Optical Illusions"!! Why on earth does Amazon sell these as a set, giving the impression that the "More" book is a collection of different illusions than the first book???
If you buy these 2 as a set, you are simply paying extra for another copy of the last half of "Great Book...".
What a rip...
  • Iseared
This is an excellent follow-up to "The Art of Optical Illusions " by the same author in 2000 and which was voted BEST BOOK for young adults in 2001 by the American Library Association.The only thing I can say about that is, don't let yourself think this is a book just for Juveniles. See my review for that book dated Feb 26,2005.

This book is very similar in concept ,but has a whole additional array of 137 new and different illusions.To anyone who likes unusual art,graphics,and the various art forms that comprise the world of optical illusions;you'll love this book.There are a raft of books that include some illusions and even some that are full of them;but none that show the breadth asd variety that Seckel gives us.He must have spent an enormous amount of time searching for these examples from the works of artists all over the world and from many past years and centuries.

While these illusions easily grab the attention of people of all ages and artistic as well as technical background;Seckel gives explanations,at least where they can be explained,to tell what makes the illusion work.

It wouldn't be fair to review this book without commenting on the supurb quality of the graphics,paper,color rendition,printing and overall construction of these two books

If this book has been as enjoyable to you, as it is to me,may I also recommend "Masters of Deception" also by Al Seckel.See my review of it Dec 1,2004.

With all of these Optical Illusion books by Seckel,its a thrill to sit back and go through the book and come upon a whole new experience with each turn of the page.A sure pleasurable treat to anyone who enjoys the world of intriguing and unusual things.Or, if that's not enough,when coming across something strange likes to ask,"How did they do that"? ...well Seckel gives good explanations,if the reason is really understood.
  • Whitecaster
I bought this book along with The Great Book of Optical Illusions by the same author. The "Great Book" was suggested by Amazon as pair for "More," and indeed if you look on Amazon's page for "More Optical Illusions" you find that many people bought both books. However, "More" is just the last half of the "Great Book" so if you buy the "Great Book" you don't get any more with "More." This is especially galling in view of the text by author Al Seckel, who writes in BOTH books: "Many books on optical illusions reprint the same examples over and over again, but this is not the case [in this book]." Amazon's book pages and suggested pairings may be generated by a computer, but this is one case where Amazon should insert a human's touch to make sure its customers understand before purchasing "More" that it is simply a partial version of "Great."