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by Laurence Yep

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Laurence Yep
Literature & Fiction
HarperCollins; Reprint edition (May 9, 1997)
208 pages
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Thief of Hearts book.

Golden Mountain Chronicles Series Laurence Ye.

Golden Mountain Chronicles Series Laurence Yep. The Serpent's Children: Golden Mountain Chronicles: 1849.

Then Hong Ch'un comes to Stacy's school from China.

Laurence Yep's most notable collection of works is the Golden Mountain Chronicles, documenting the fictional Young family from 1849 in China to 1995 in America. Thief of Hearts, 1995 (1995). Two of the series are Newbery Honor Books, or runners-up for the annual Newbery Medal: Dragonwings (Harper & Row, 1975) and Dragon's Gate (HarperCollins, 1993). Dragons of Silk, 1835-2011 (2011). Dragon (fantasy series).

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Newbery Honor Book Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep takes readers on an adventure-filled journey across the world. Inspired by the story of a Chinese immigrant who created a flying machine in 1909, Dragonwings touches on the struggles and dreams of Chinese immigrants navigating opportunity and prejudice in San Francisco. Moon Shadow only knows two things about his father, Windrider: he lives in San Francisco and used to craft beautiful kites. One day shortly after his eighth birthday, Cousin Hand Clap arrives with a letter from Windrider asking Moon Shadow to join him in San Francisco.

Laurence Yep, born in 1948 in San Francisco, is a well-known writer of. .Yep was educated at Marquette University and holds a P.

Laurence Yep, born in 1948 in San Francisco, is a well-known writer of fiction for young adults. from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Yep has written fantasy works such as Shadow Lord and Kind Hearts and Gentle Monsters. Yep has won numerous awards for his work included a ub Writing Fellowship in 1970, the prestigious Newbery Medal Honor Book, and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award several times.

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Caught in the Middle

Stacy Palmer almost never thinks about being Chinese American, As far as she's concerned, she's just like everyone else.

Then Hong Ch'un comes to Stacy's school from China. Stacy and Hong Ch'un don't exactly get along, but when Hong Ch'un is accused of stealing and runs away, Stacy bows she must try to find her.

With her family's help, Stacy searches the tiny back streets of San Francisco's Chinatown. There, she gets a glimpse of what it was like for her Chinese mother, growing up in a different culture. And for the first time in her life she realizes her true heritage-and finally understands what it means to be Chinese American.

  • Nea
This delightful book is about Stacy, 13 who is Sino-American. Stacy's mother Casey, and her great-grandmother or Tai-Paw whom many readers have "met" in "Child of the Owl" are Chinese and her father is American. Stacy is a popular 8th grader and has a regular group of friends.

Stacy's father works with a man from China named Mr. Wang. He tells Stacy that Mr. Wang's daughter will be attending school with her. Mr. Wang's daughter, Hong Ch'un 13 is rude and spiteful to Stacy from the time they first meet and even calls her a racist name in Chinese. A kind boy named Victor Li very reluctantly translates the term for her. A boy named Dwight picks up the racist banner and taunts Stacy with the offensive term. For the remainder of that first day in school with Hong Ch'un, Stacy becomes self-conscious of her Eurasian heritage and appearance. She feels her blond hair makes her stand out from other Asian students and her Asian features and coloring make her stand out among her Western peers.

To make matters worse, a teacher tells her to escort Hong Ch'un because he feels their Chinese heritage would make them a natural fit. When small trinkets belonging to other kids turn up in Hong Ch'un's backpack, she is naturally everyone's main suspect. In fact she is their ONLY suspect and when Stacy defends her, her friends feel she is defending Hong Ch'un because they are Chinese.

The girls don't get along even after Stacy defends Hong Ch'un and to make matters worse, Stacy's mother tells her that Hong Ch'un's alleged thefts are payback for Stacy being rude to her. Stacy tells her that Hong Ch'un called her a racist slur and the tide shifts in her favor. Instead of defending Somebody Else's Child, Stacy's mother finally defends her! However, they are facing another very real crisis - Hong Ch'un has run away!

Stacy's Tai-Paw, whom readers got to know in "Child of the Owl" is ready to offer practical suggestions on what to do next. First, they have to go to Chinatown as that is where the Thief of Hearts has left a trail of clues! They all rush through the streets of Chinatown to try and find the clues that will lead them to Hong Ch'un and whoever the thief is.

Stacy's Tai-Paw is also impacted by the thefts. A pin she gave to Stacy is missing, among one of the several items that were taken. Stacy and her Tai-Paw share a secret: they know that the pin is filled with ink that will stain the hands of whoever takes it as the thief won't have prior knowledge of how to handle it safely.

In time, things get sorted out. The best part of the story was when Stacy, upon discovering the thief asked her classmates to forgive the person for taking their things. This book is populated with strong characters and covers serious topics, such as racism. Stacy's mother tells her about the racism she experienced when she married someone who was not Asian. Stacy's Tai-Paw tells her about many of their Asian relatives who have interracial families. Stacy, instead of feeling like she is caught betweeen two vastly different cultures begins to celebrate her Eurasian heritage and see that she has a real bonus - two very rich cultural backgrounds which she can proudly claim.
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The Thief of Heart multicultural book!
Stacey's dad works with at a company with a Chinese guy, Mr. Wang. His daughter, Hong Ch'un, is the same age as Stacey. Before school starts, they meet. Stacey has to show Hong Ch'un around the school and they have to share a locker. When Hong Ch'un and Stacey go to their locker after school to pack up, Hong Ch'un finds something that doesn't belong to her in her backpack. Well, Jeff and Sylvia (Stacey's friends) had lost something that day. Jeff lost a wound up kangaroo and Sylvia lost a good luck charm. Now everyone blames her for stealing their things, but she really didn't. How would you feel if you were blamed for something that you didn't do? I would feel very upset and mad. Then Hong Ch'un ran away to go back to Chinatown where she lived. After they found out that Hong Ch'un was gone, Stacey, her mom, Casey, and her mom, Tai-Paw went looking for her. When they got to Chinatown, they went to Mr. Jeh's house. He sent faxes and he made phone calls to people to keep an eye out for Hong Ch'un. Do you think they will find Hong Ch'un? I think they will. Will they find out who really stole Jeff and Sylvia's things that they lost? They might find out who stole the stuff, but it depends on who it is though. I did like it because it teaches you not to steal things from people because it hurts their feelings and makes you feel guilty. If you like different cultural books, then you would like this book.
  • Faegal
The book The Thief of Hearts by Laurence Yep is a wonderful book about a Chinese girl with strong opinions. A girl named Hong Ch'un moves with her family from China to America. The other protagonist named Stacy was forced by her parents to become friends with Hong Ch'un. When they got to school Hong Ch'un was accused of stealing. This leads them back to Chinatown and back to a different time... You should read this book because it had an interesting plot and it gives you history of China Town. In the beginning, the book was giving you the main perspective of the girl, Stacey. In the end you begin to see the point of view of the grandma and the mom. It also gives you history of China Town and China. You do not realize it is history until you finish the book. It is not boring history because it is intertwined with the plot of the story. Although this is a wonderful book, there are some negative things about it. In the beginning the book was just introducing the characters and it was not going anywhere fast. Once you got into it and met the characters, it was much better.
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Thief of Hearts is about a girl named Stacey whose father works with a man from China Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang's daughter Hong Chun is from China and she is very rude to Stacey in the beginning. Stacey is part American and part Chinese. She gets her mother's Asian eyes and gets her fathers blond hair. Hong Chun and Stacey start to fight verbally in the car ride on the way to school. Stacey and Hong Chun have to share lockers, go to the same classes and have the same lunch period together. After lunch they start to become nicer to each other and walk back to Stacey's locker. But when Stacey opens her locker she sees all the stuff that her friends have been looking for. During the day Stacey's friends Jeff and Sylvia have lost their precious belongings. They blame Hong Chun and for stealing their things. So Hong Chun runs away to china town and Stacey her mother must find her. I like this book because it shows about the Chinese culture and how you shouldn't judge someone on there appearances.