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by Kim Kang Won

Download I.N.V.U. Volume 4 eBook
Kim Kang Won
Literature & Fiction
TokyoPop (September 11, 2007)
184 pages
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The wait is over-years in the making, this next volume of . is filled with drama, romance, and an unexpected sleepover!.

The wait is over-years in the making, this next volume of .

Volume 4 (Invu) book by Kim Kang-Won. This is the fourth volume of '. a graphic soap opera in which four teenage girls find their lives intertwined in the most bizarre ways.

by Kim Kang Won (Author). Book 5 of 5 in the .

Invu Vol. 1 Paperback – Unabridged, February 11, 2003. by Kim Kang Won (Author). Book 1 of 5 in the .

Find nearly any book by Kim Kang Won. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Volume 4: ISBN 9781427804952 (978-1-4278-0495-2) Softcover, TokyoPop, 2007. Book 3. by Kim Kang Won. ISBN 9781591820628 (978-1-59182-062-8) Softcover, TokyoPop, 2002. Find signed collectible books: '. Book 3: ISBN 9781591820628 (978-1-59182-062-8) Softcover, TokyoPop, 2002. Invu Vol. 1. ISBN 9781591820017 (978-1-59182-001-7) Softcover, TokyoPop, 2003.

Showing all works by author. Queen's Knight, The Volume 10 (Queen's Knight).

Volume 4. Kim Kang Won . Volume 4. ISBN 13: 9781427804952.

Kim Kang Won's Series. Sey has a killer crush on a teacher named Mr. Cho, and she's beyond shocked when she learns that Terry knows him well. Chapter 30. Jun-04-2019. Chapter 29.

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When her mother leaves abruptly for Europe, sixteen-year-old Sey is left with a new family, the Kangs, and she discovers that not only is her foster brother really a sister, but their lives are intertwined.
  • Zuser
I bought the first three books back in High school from a friend, after moving out of my parents and them passing to the hands of my sisters, I was able to get them back and I bought the fourth. Though don't believe the blurbs that tell you what will happen, it's not accurate at all. Though the story is still good.
  • Mullador
Awesome quality, and came sooner than expected! Great service and cant wait to order more from you in the future!!!
  • ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
I waited a long time for this book to come out and it was worth it. It was even better than I had imagined!.
  • Cozius
Long awaited, and worthy of the wait. I'm really glad that this book turned out good. However, I am so angry that it took forever to come out. I almost gave up on this series. If the author plans to keep her fans, then she better keep up to date and on track of things.

  • Ieregr
I have to say, I was pretty mad when they stopped publishing this thing. I was 16 when I actually saw volume 4 on the shelf and i didnt buy because i wanted something else. I was very close to getting rid of the 3 previous ones to the series. Yeasr later it finally comes out, finally reprinted.......ABOUT TIME! UGH! Other than that, its a must read and I still very enjoyed this series and plan on keeping it in my collection!
  • Arcanefist
I became hooked on this series years ago. The art was good, the story was compelling, and it has twists that are not the typical... and then,... well, the creator went on hiatus in order to work on other projects (Queens Knight). Hence the delay after vol. 3. It speaks volumes that people are addicted enough to wait YEARS for this manhwa. Now that the ball is rolling again, we can look forward to vol. 5 in the (hopefully near) future. It's been released in Korea, and now I am starring at Tokyopop and holding my breath. Hang in there, follow fans!
  • Wooden Purple Romeo
I love this manga and was so happy that they finally brought out this volume. The only disappointment was that I learned that this wasn't the final volume. So once again I am forced to wait...and hope that it doesn't take years to bring out the next one. ^_^ But for fans of the first volumes, definitely pick this up if you haven't already. Excellent read.
I.N.V.U was the second manga series I picked up way back when. The art was beautiful and the story struck me as not the typical high school drama you usually find in shojo. I almost cried when I finished the third book and there was no sign of continuation. I finally picked up the 4th volume yesterday. I dug out the previous ones, sat down, and reread everything. After such a long break the story really just picks up right where it left off. Im still smiling from all the new developments in the story and I'm itching for the next one. It makes me feel like a high school fan girl again =^.^= If it happens that the next book wont come out for a few years(I really hope it doesnt) I will wait impatiently with baited breath and remain a die-hard fan until the end!