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by Rita Williams-Garcia

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Rita Williams-Garcia
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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read Author of four award winning novels, Rita Williams-Garcia continues to break new ground in young people's literature.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Fast Talk on a Slow Track as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Author of four award winning novels, Rita Williams-Garcia continues to break new ground in young people's literature. Known for their realistic portrayal of teens of color, Williams-Garcia's works have been recognized by the Coretta Scott King Award Committee, PEN Norma Klein, American Library Association, and Parents' Choice, among others.

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Williams-Garcia, Rita. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Gutierres on June 22, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Fast talking and quick thinking, city kid Denzel Watson finds his street smarts put to the test when he spends the summer before matriculation at Princeton University, where he wonders if he has what it takes. ISBN13:9780553295948.

Rita Williams-Garcia (born 1957) is an American writer of young adult novels. She won the 2011 Newbery Honor Award, the Coretta Scott King Award, and the Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction for her book, One Crazy Summer. She has also won the PEN/Norma Klein Award, and her book, . Be Eleven, won the Coretta Scott King Award in 2014. Garcia lives with her husband, a Desert Storm veteran, and two daughters in Jamaica, New York. She works full-time for a marketing services company and attended the Queens College .

Every Time a Rainbow Dies. Like Sisters on the Homefront. Fast Talk on a Slow Track.

Rita Williams-Garcia lives in Jamaica, New York, with her husband and has two adult daughters, Stephanie and Michelle, and a son-in-law, Adam. You can visit her online at ww. itawg. Discover great authors, exclusive offers, and more at h. om. Books by rita williams-garcia. Every Time a Rainbow Dies.

by Rita Williams-Garcia (Author). Williams-Garcia has aptly captured the feelings of young people in the throes of growing away from their families enough to make their own decisions. Teens everywhere will be able to identify and commiserate with Denzel as he goes through his options, gains confidence, and matures.

Favourite books arriet the Spy, The Underneath, Feed, Autobiography of Malcolm X, I Love Myself When I'm Laughing, nd-Indigo, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Enough, Edward Tulane .

9780141302317 From National Book Award finalist Rita Williams-Garcia! . Williams-Garcia confronts some crucial issues that are generally ignored in YA fiction: issues of class and race, friendship and competition, identity and failure.

9780141302317 From National Book Award finalist Rita Williams-Garcia! Denzel Watson is a fast talker with a system, and it's made him valedictorian. But when he goes to a summer program at Princeton, he takes a fall. How can he tell his proud family that he won't be able to cut it in the Ivy League? Instead, he spends the rest of the summer selling candy, up against "Top Man" Mello, a drop-out with a police record. Teens everywhere will be able to identify and commiserate with Denzel.

  • Dianantrius
I love the way it ended. I did not think that Denzel was very smart but he had to learn the hard way. It reminded me of how many young men today must learn.
  • elegant stranger
While a casual reference to the World Trade Center and the lack of cell phones and email somewhat dates this story, the pressures upon young men to succeed at school, with girls, for their families and to each other does not. As the story begins, it is difficult to like Denzel Watson. While he is an intelligent young man, he's stupid and immature, thinking the entire world revolves around him. He spends time in a summer program at Princeton so that he can be prepared for the rigors he will face when school begins in the fall. Denzel doesn't think he needs this program, thinks he can float through classes like he did in high school. He was valedictorian at a poorly performing school. When he realizes he's not quite intellectually as impressive as he thought, he becomes gripped with fear and doesn't think he will succeed at all. He decides to give up and must decide how to tell his father this; his father who thrived during the era of the Black Power movement and who has so much faith in his son. Some compassion builds for Denzel when we see the roles he is pressured into playing for his father and mother. I don't know that I ever grew to really like Denzel, but I did hope that he would achieve success. Denzel matures enough to realize how little he really knows, and how much he needs to know.

Garcia-Williams writes a compelling coming of age story that reminds us how difficult life can be for young men of color, even in an age where barriers are beginning to blur. While we are present in Denzel's thoughts, Garcia touches on many issues such as inequity in education, male/female relationships and family expectations in a manner that leaders to thought and discussion. One of the strengths of the story is the way issues are presented for consideration rather than in a heavy handed, preaching manner. Following Denzel through this summer of growth can give the reader much to consider!
  • HappyLove
The book is about Denzel, an African-American high school senior in Brooklyn, NY. Denzel gets accepted to Princeton and goes for a six-week course in the summer for students who have a lot of potential but who may need some help to be able to compete with students from more privileged backgrounds. Denzel finds he can't slide through the program like he slid through high school which causes him to reconsider his future.

This book deals very honestly with issues such as racism and class. I enjoyed the fact that the book takes place in Brooklyn, NY because I spent this past summer there and really loved my time there. I did not like this book much because I thought that Denzel was too cocky and cold-hearted. I'm not sure if I would recommend this book to kids or not-maybe to kids that are similar to Denzel and come from a similar background. It may also be valuable to show kids from the Midwest and the suburbs what life is like for a minority from an urban background.
  • Keath
I beleive that this book is an average book. Many people really would enjoy this book if they like hearing about other peoples problems.